Meet the girl!

Hi! I’m Kaitlin, and welcome to my little home in the blog-o-sphere!

I am a 22 year old recent college grad (Go Seminoles!) who desires to live life with the same attitude of curiosity and adventure as a child! I love Jesus, spending time with dear friends and family, hearing people’s stories, running aimlessly, and dancing barefoot in the kitchen!

Smile lover, adventure seeker, barefoot dancer, hug giver!

That’s me!

I might occasionally ramble about running or triathlons, because I absolutely LOVE endurance events and testing my body’s limits. I enjoy writing poetry, but it’s even more fun to speak in rhymes and pretend like I’m rapping. I’m a big numbers nerd (accounting major– woo!) and actually find joy in crunching numbers and standing knee deep in Excel spreadsheets (CRAZY, I know!). I am hoping to move to Colorado by January for an accounting job! (Still in the interview process– I would love your prayers!) I am excited to share my stories and get to know yours!

On a car ferry leaving Seattle!

On a car ferry leaving Seattle!

From my heart to yours,



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