Making (sm)All Things New

Howdy, friends!

As I have been reflecting on the adventures I have had in Ocala so far, I love seeing the new things I have done when I intentionally decided to explore my city rather than writing it off as “Slow-cala”! I am excited to continue seeking out BIG adventures, but I am also learning how instilling newness in small things can bring new life and excitement, as well! So here’s how I’ve been making some small things new…

New Study Spot

My full time job right now is to study for the CPA exam and I have been doing most of my studying at home. We have a beautiful dining room table with big comfy chairs next to a bright window, so it is a very nice place to work, but it has gotten a little boring after a few weeks of only sitting at this table! So, I decided to try out a new study spot two weeks ago and have been back another time since then. Per the suggestion of my coffee-shop-owning Aunt and Uncle, I checked out Caravan Coffee and Tea in Ocala– it’s awesome! They have 24 different types of loose tea (the cranberry harvest is wooonderful for the fall) and they brew Intelligentsia Coffee which is what my aunt and uncle brew! I do not drink coffee often, but when I do, I love it smooth, black, and flavorful. This cup…was unbelievable.


                                     Study materials and a hot cup o’ joe!

Caravan brews their coffee using the pour over method– it’s more like science than anything! Scales, funnels, evaporation…I have no idea how it works but it creates an incredible cup of coffee! The change of scenery for studying was much needed and really rejuvenated my study efforts! If you’re reading this in Ocala– check out Caravan Coffee on Pine St. next to OPD!

New Study Jams

I have been a big fan of listening to Explosions in the Sky whilst studying for a few years, but a new-to-me album was just what I needed to pump up my study motivation! Explosions in the Sky is instrumental/ electronic/ intense/ your-life-is-a-movie music. It makes my study sessions feel EPIC. Currently in love with their album “All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone,” and particularly the song “The Birth and Death of a Day.” The song is completely instrumental, but I found a lot of meaning in the words of the title. Each day begins with a new birth and ends with a death as it transitions into the next day’s birth. How beautiful to think of the new life that comes with EACH new day. 

ImageNew Fall Temps!

Florida is the Sunshine state, known for sweaty summers and going to the beach on Christmas. We really don’t get “seasons” here, but we’ll get spurts of cooler temps in the mornings that will warm up as the day goes on. It has been SO beautiful this week as the morning temps dip!

Image46 degrees!!! …Don’t worry– it was 80 by noon. 😉 This cool morning gave me a chance to break out my arm warmers for the first time this fall! I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE wearing arm warmers when I run, and being able to just pull them down when the temps get (inevitably) warmer! Fall temps are really putting me in the autumn mood!

ImageNew Technology!

I have had a “dumb phone” for the past forever that couldn’t even get picture texts or group texts! I really actually loved my dumb phone– I was never glued to my phone and I could drop it all the time and it never bothered me. BUT, as I get ready to travel for interviews and get ready to transition into the big-girl-working-world, I felt it was time to get a big-girl-phone, too.

So, I have entered the 21st century! It’s been fun getting used to an iPhone and slowly learning all the fun stuff it can do (like read blogs on the WordPress app! Woo!).

New Friends

This evening I decided to hit the road for a run (with my phone so I could use a GPS for the first time!). I have wanted to go over to the Marion Therapeutic Riding Association in Ocala where they keep horses to use in occupational therapy and love on some horses, so I decided to run there this evening! I ran with a carrot in the waistband of my capris– gotta come with a treat for the horses! I wish I could have carried more than one, but I can only imagine what I would have looked like running with a bag of carrots, haha!



Since I ran with my phone, I could also take pics of the horses! SO MANY NEW THINGS!

Growing up in the ‘Horse Capital of the World,’ I have always loved these animals. It was so special to get to rub on their necks mid-run and get to run home smelling like horse!


                            Just look at that face!!

New Beginnings

I’ve started a new plan to read through the Old Testament of the Bible! I’ve read the New Testament, and spend most of my time there. I’ve read some of the books of the Old Testament, but haven’t worked all the way through it! I’m excited to read about the wisdom and weaknesses of the kings, the prophecies that point to Jesus, and the strength and power of the Lord. Let’s hope I can make it through the genealogies! Look out for some reflections on my readings here. 🙂


                                                  In the beginning…

So there are some NEW, albeit small, things!

Have you done any new, small things recently? Or new, BIG things? 🙂

Do you listen to music when you study? Any suggestions for me??

Have a beautiful day!






6 thoughts on “Making (sm)All Things New

  1. LOVE the ponies! LOVE Genesis! LOVE study tunes! And LOVE you!!!! 🙂

    Usually when I listen to music while studying, it’s classical or else I get distracted by words haha! The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, Up soundtrack, and Finding Nemo soundtrack are some of my faves!! 🙂

    • LOVE you, too!!

      OH, yes, I cannot listen to anything with lyrics! And I LOVE the idea to listen to movie soundtracks! I’ve never thought of that! Definitely going to find some Up and Nemo action for today’s study jams. 🙂

  2. I love pour over coffee, it’s like a big personal hug in a cup! JUST for me! HA! I can’t listen to music while studying..or reading..I get way too distracted haha. I remember when I first got my iPhone, I swore I NEVER would..but now I love it.

    • I just sat in awe watching their science experiment that turned into my beautiful cup of coffee! I’m a weirdo that doesn’t really need coffee (yet…) for caffeine, but I actually really love the taste of black coffee! Especially good coffee. Hug in a cup is SPOT on! Aaand I held out on the smart phone craze for a while (cough cough it’s almost 2014), BUT it has been super fun and awesome to take and share/text pictures, Facetime friends, and have access to the interwebz!

    • I found it through the YouVersion Bible app on my phone! I chose a “Whole Bible” in a year plan, then picked one that incorporated some Old Testament, New Testament, and a Psalm everyday! I like the variety so I’m not just reading OT or NT! I like to have the list on my phone and keep track of everything, but read it in my actual Bible when I can. I just love REAL books! Plus, the app has a super cool feature where it can “Catch You Up” aka rearrange the days so you are on track again if you fall behind…which happens often haha!

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