Things I’ve Learned from Kiddos

Hey, world!

Since I have been back in my hometown this fall, my life has basically revolved around studying for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam, which is a big, nasty exam so I can work in public accounting! I have been studying about 6-8 hours a day, which can be brutal at times, but those hours are also very flexible. I can wake up early, run and lift, study for a while, go do something else for an hour, study again, etc.

Because I am so flexible, I have been able to babysit for several families over the last few weeks! It has been so much fun hanging out with the kiddos, playing tag for hours, and getting my creative juices flowing! I babysat a few different times this week and am now reflecting on just how much I LEARN from these little guys. Here are some life lessons from the mouths of babes:

1. You can feed poison soup to bad dragons so they will fall asleep and you can capture the baby eggs. There is nothing more refreshing than playing make believe with a four-year-old. Sticks are not sticks, they are ingredients for a soup! Plastic balls are dragon eggs, and we’ve got to be the heroes!

2. Coloring pages are suggestions. So what if there are lines tracing out a bear? Draw whatever the heck you want!



3. Laugh like you mean it. Have you ever noticed that kids don’t “fake laugh”? You know, that little chuckle you give when you feel it’s courteous to laugh? Never. Kids laugh with their whole bodies, and they truly mean it.

4. Everybody can be “it” in a game of tag, and it is AWESOME! Forget the longstanding rules sometimes. Make up your own game!

5. Weeds are flowers. Today, I took a walk with a six-year-old and a two-year-old for about an hour. They were both in awe of the little yellow, white, and purple “flowers” that littered the grass! Without these kids, I would have never noticed these little splashes of color, nor would I have plucked enough of them to fill the storage bag on the back of the stroller. (Granted, kids are also much closer to the ground and walk slower, so they notice things…but all things aside…) 😉


                       All the leaves, flowers, and acorns we collected!

After we brought all the flowers home, we arranged them into a fall centerpiece for the dining room table! Mom was very excited when she came home to her surprise. Pretty awesome, huh??


                                        The leaves on the left smelled SO good!

6. As much as I love Greek yogurt and homemade granola, GoGurt and Quaker Fruit and Oatmeal bars are AWESOME. Snack time is a glorious thing.

7. Imagination — use it or LOSE it!

8. Bedtime stinks! Bedtime means the day is over and all the play has to come to an end. When is the last time I was bummed to go to bed?? I usually can’t WAIT to fall asleep at night and get some rest. Kids have a much different perspective.

9. Make up your own songs. They are 10x better than what’s on the radio these days anyways! My current fave: the “oodie doodie song” courtesy of a two-year-old.

10. Let your perfectionism go, pick up a marker, and draw. Or pick up a toy, and play. So often, I am too afraid to stink at art that I refuse to try. Live, act, do, and forget about what the world thinks.


My drawing from art time today– oh yeah, it’s on my fridge!

I hope you guys take some time to embrace your inner kiddo today!


— What was your favorite game as a child? Mine was hide-and-seek, FO SHO!

— What do you admire about kids that you wish to live out in your “adult” life?


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